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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm reading the 4 Hour Body - Time to restart

I already did it before & it worked. I lost 50 LBS, but I gained it back since living at home. You really have to get rid of most of the people in your life if you want to change. Why? Because they want you to stay the same. Either get rid of the people or don't let them talk to you about staying the same, tell them to go away when they do it. You are fat because other people want you to. If you are young you are fat because your parents do not want you to be thin. If they did they would have taught you to eat right and exercise correctly. It is up to you.
Now I'm going back on it. I will write about what I'm doing and the progress.


  1. I've always been skeptical about the "4 Hour Body" program. Mostly because I think that it's another rehashed book full of old stuff that's already been said before and it's just sleazy marketing.

    I just do pushups, situps, hindu squats and eat whatever I want but in moderation.

    Still, I'm quite curious to see how you fared in this.